Creative Ideas for Showing Staff Your Appreciation

Creative Tips for Showing Employees Your Appreciation

Many studies have been done regarding the correlation between employee satisfaction and company performance. Professor Alex Edmans of the University of Pennsylvania has shown with his study done in 2010 that businesses that report high employee satisfaction perform better than those that are unhappy. How can an employer create happiness for their employees?

Staff Appreciation and Recognition
Staff Appreciation and Recognition


Recognition for a job well done and an appreciation for the hard work employees do are two essential elements of management style that can ensure employee happiness. After surveying employees about what makes them happy on the job, Business News Daily compiled a list of tips to help employers create happy employees. The list explores multiple ways a manager can create a successful company simply by showing appreciation to the employees.

Give Employees Your Valuable Time

When a boss takes the time to have coffee with an employee, go over past and future projects, or simply invites an employee to lunch, an employee feels valued. Time is one of the best gifts a manager or business owner can give to his employees and can boost moral within the company, especially when the company is busy.

Recognize Employee Growth
Recognize Employee Growth


Help Your Employees to Grow

Giving an employee the chance to grow within their field and showcase their talents lets the employee know a boss has faith in them. Offering opportunities to workers such as working on special projects or a chance to learn new skills through education can make them feel like they are an important part in the growth of the company. In addition, an employee that feels his boss trusts him to do good work or excel with new skills is much more productive on the job.

Give Employees Needed Time Off

Employees need time to rest and recharge. Multiple studies have been done that show workers who get enough time off and have more of a work-life balance are happier, more productive, feel appreciated and are more willing to go that extra mile on projects. Employees who have the time to visit doctors and manage life issues are also less stressful on the job.

Announce Employee Achievements
Announce Employee Achievements


Publicly Recognize Employee Achievements

One very good way to give employees recognition is to let the public know about his/her achievements. This is a great way to quickly boost morale for everyone as well. Share personnel achievements within the company or even the public at large. Noting achievements in a newsletter or company function is an easy way to give recognition to a deserving employee. One suggestion to improve your employee morale is to make sure you share holiday and business anniversary greetings with them. Never miss an opportunity to pass on your appreciation for them with corporate holiday cards, business holiday cards or work anniversary cards.

Involve Employees in the Decision Making Process

Decisions that are of importance to the company also impact the employees, so allowing employees to take part in the decision making process is a tangible way to show them that their experience and skills are important to the company. It also allows an employee to feel trusted by the company.

Step Outside the Office

A change of scenery always offers a fresh perspective on things, so try taking the employees out of the office for events, team building and educational experiences, and events meant just for fun. The extra time and financial investment by the company to host these events creates a feeling of gratitude and creates employees who feel valued.

Be honest with Employees
Be honest with Employees


Be Open with Employees

A company that is transparent with employees about what’s going on is a sign of honesty, which builds trust in the employee and keeps them happy. It can also create a sense for them everyone is on the same team and working towards a common goal.

Praise Individuals and Be Specific

Being specific with praise is an important skill for company leaders to have in order to have happy workers. Positive feedback that is specific to a task or achievement can encourage a worker to continue to develop their expertise. Specific praise has more of an impact and has better results than more vague praise.

Give Employees a Place to Share Ideas

It can be as simple as asking employees to share thoughts on a new copier or asking for ideas on a big project. When experience, expertise and ideas are valued, self-confidence and self-esteem of employees are boosted and positively impacted. Collaborative teams are an excellent place to openly share and have discussions with leaders and co-workers.