Why Do I Need To Use The HCFA CMS 1500 Form in My Office?

There are countless forms to fill out when working at a medical office.

I guarantee you, it gets confusing to medical office staff. The most used insurance payment documents are the hcfa 1500 claim forms. Here’s a brief history for you:

  • It was named after the Centers for medicare & medicaid svcs
  • Previously known as the HCFA 1500, it was re-named the CMS 1500
  • Generally, this form is needed to solicit payment from various Medicaid State Agencies

Widely used by providers and suppliers in the medical industry.

The rule is that you have to file the form with the payer in less than 365 days of providing your services.  Downloading or photocopying the form is not recommended, as it’s printed with a specific type of ink. For efficiency reasons, the payers typically use Optical Character Recognition tools to scan the data, and process payment requests.

Surgical procedures under insurance coverage have to use the CMS 1500 for payments.
Surgical procedures under insurance coverage have to use the CMS 1500 for payments.


Virtually 100% of the time, if the ink is poor quality, scanning errors occur.

Successful submissions only result if you use the exact document, with the correct case details. What’s most critical to successful form submissions are using the most recent forms, with the right ink. If you ignore these steps, delayed payments and rejections are almost inevitable.

Wait too long to re-send the right form, you may not get paid.

The bottom line is you need forms that are trustworthy. Therefore, you need a quality source for the new hfca cms 1500 version 02/12 form. This ensures your office runs smoothly, and your claims are paid.


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